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Sub Categories
folder Getting started (14)
Tips and tricks you may find it handy to know before you start working with our system.
folder Menu Management (8)
Describes how to handle Menus and Sub-Menus.
folder Introduction (13)
Few tips and basic notes that you will find useful managing this application.
folder Administration Guide (9)
Manage users and content, perform backups and upgrades, secure your site, tweak performance, etc. Audience: System and site administrators.
folder Installation - Upgrades (6)
Guides, help and few tips explaining how to install the software. You may find useful guides to help you upgrading this script for next version we released.
folder Authentication / Privilege (5)
This document explains how to manage the privilege level for certain rules, settings and provides an example with parts of sample ACL configurations.
folder Manage Articles / Content (CMS) (22)
Your source Articles to help you taking the maximum advantages of all features.
folder Modules / Extension (5)
folder Multi-Language (4)
Help guide to play with Multi-Language
folder User Management (4)
Documentation related to User Management Module is available on the categories.
folder Customize Country State and Cities
This document explains how you can personalized the regional / geographical data to by adding and managing your associative countries, states , cites and zipcode.
folder Custom Web Forms (7)
Tips and help guild explaining how to create unlimited custom web form dynamically through Admin area.
folder Comment (1)
This article illustrates how we can play with “Comment / Feedback” option of a site to get visitor more engaged to your site.