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document Create Manage and Setup Access privilege
All of Eicra’s web application has built-in permission system which was based on ACL architecture, so you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. By using role, you can tune up how a register member can be privileged then normal user how administrator can enjoy...
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document Customizing the template design layout.
By default the main layout file is located at /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/layout.phtml unless you change / customize the template location. You can find the Default template under admin area where you will be able to customize or switch around to many...
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document Default template location of all Modules
By Default the template of all Modules are located as follows  : Default template location of all Modules File Type File location Default CSS /<$ServerPath>/css Default JS ...
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document Customization of individual Modules theme.
You are free to customize the modules and it’s template according to the requirement. Here it explained the modules hierarchical organizational structure for better understanding:   Application_Main_Directory | |application | |modules | |Name Of Module ...
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document Introduction with Global Configuration File under Config.
The entire Application is configurable through two re-usable configuration files stored in application/configs. There are : Application.ini  -  application.ini contains system specific variables and server locations. It is NOT recommended to modify until you are a framework expert and...
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