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document How to change my Logo?
If you are using our default template, there are two ways to change the logo.  There are : Overwrite Logo Images:  By default all logo and images are located at /<$ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/images/ therefore you can upload & overwrite...
rating 07 Jul, 2011
document Few reasons why we choose the Zend framework.
 There are few reasons why we choose the Zend framework.  Zend Framework is supported and developed by Zend Technologies which is a key contributors to PHP and provide important leadership for PHP. Zend plays a central role in the explosive growth of PHP is at the heart...
rating 18 Jul, 2011
document User Management basic and user registration.
The user module allows users to register, log in, and log out. Users benefit from being able to sign on because this associates content they create with their account and allows various permissions to be set for their roles. The user module supports user roles, which can be set up with...
rating 31 Jul, 2011
document User Management & Administration
It's a simplified form of viewing user’s profile where a user can view or modify his/her data in added. Visit Admin => Users => to see the list of users registered.  You can create new user by "Add user" or click on Edit icon to edit a user's profile as follows :  ...
rating 02 Aug, 2011
document Customize the basic configuration though Global Setting.
Log on to Admin => Site => Global Settings, you will get to the "Global settings" page appeared. By default the Global settings option is only available to administration users with the right 'Administrator' or "Super Administrator". It can be used to adjust certain settings of entire...
rating 03 Aug, 2011
document Introduction with Global Configuration File under Config.
The entire Application is configurable through two re-usable configuration files stored in application/configs. There are : Application.ini  -  application.ini contains system specific variables and server locations. It is NOT recommended to modify until you are a framework expert and...
rating 14 Aug, 2011
document About Menu Group.
Introduction of Menu Group  The Standard Package comes with a homepage and few “inside” pages. For many small businesses, this may be enough. And you can always expand when you need more. Your website is built from the beginning on a platform that can scale to pretty much whatever you...
rating 25 Aug, 2011
document Sample Templates indicating the how design blocks are set.
Templates Blocks and Design introduction.  
rating 25 Aug, 2011
document Add, edit and delete Comments.
This section holds all the comments that the users have made on the articles, News articles and other modules, at the client interface. The client comments will not be visible in the comments section under the article the comments are made, at the client support interface, until a  user /...
rating 29 Aug, 2011
document How to create a new Link to content or menu by coping a existing hyperlink.
Basically, you are going to link your page's content or custom menu to a hyperlink which you already have in admin panel. In fact both links will point to same hyperlink, because sometime you may find duplicate link is very handy while we are designing a user friendly website for better...
rating 15 Sep, 2011

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