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document Step By Step installation Guideline.
  First, you have to create your database to contain your website data. Before you start please Check : Hosting Server qualifies our System Requirement   PHP is installed on your server MySQL is installed on your server ionCube loader is installed or...
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document How To Change Admin Password ?
Comming Soon.
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document Where do I download your product after purchase.
If you are installing Eicra's application for the first time or for a new installation you will need the full download. If performing an upgrade from a previous version you may download an incremental download. These downloads contain only the changed files from your version to the most...
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document What is phtml File Extension ?
.phtml File Extension A PHTML (or it's sometimes called a PHP) page is a Web page that includes a script written in PHP, a language comparable to JavaScript or Microsoft's VBScript. .phtml files contain raw html and php codes which make developer’s life easy to customize the script’s template...
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document Manage users, groups and set permission
All  of our application access permission is grouped by roll[s]. By default software has three rolls such as Developer, Administrator, Registered Members. Roll is an encapsulated mode of permissions of various modules. There are various...
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document Customizing the template design layout.
By default the main layout file is located at /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/layout.phtml unless you change / customize the template location. You can find the Default template under admin area where you will be able to customize or switch around to many...
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document Creating Custom Blocks
A block is a dynamic data model. The purpose of a block is to replace the static view model of MVC application by using a model that can be updated at run time—that is, by using a dynamic block. In short blocks are dynamic data models that use block templates to make the data visible...
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document Language architecture and it hierarchical overview
The language is determined from the user's preferences (his operating system language resp. the browser language) and he might be allowed to switch between the supported languages. Throughout this application, the language file types are mainly divided into three parts.  01....
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document Customize the basic configuration though Global Setting.
Log on to Admin => Site => Global Settings, you will get to the "Global settings" page appeared. By default the Global settings option is only available to administration users with the right 'Administrator' or "Super Administrator". It can be used to adjust certain settings of entire...
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document How to link a Menu with a Content or Extension page ?
Click Write new article at Admin => Content => Create new article and add content as Name, Title, Slug (will be filled automatic in order Main title), Description and Content. After successfully creation of a new article, you probably be inclined to join this article with...
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