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document User Management basic and user registration.
The user module allows users to register, log in, and log out. Users benefit from being able to sign on because this associates content they create with their account and allows various permissions to be set for their roles. The user module supports user roles, which can be set up with...
rating 31 Jul, 2011
document Creating a User Group policy.
The application has built-in permission system which was based on ACL architecture, so you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. After having groups, you can create new user for each group. In order to create new user, you go to manage users (User/User in...
rating 31 Jul, 2011
document Changing Password.
By the name itself you can understand that, registered users can change his or her password using this option. As you can see above, system is asking old password before resetting by new password because software want to make sure that, this is you who owns this account before changing password....
rating 02 Aug, 2011
document User Management & Administration
It's a simplified form of viewing user’s profile where a user can view or modify his/her data in added. Visit Admin => Users => to see the list of users registered.  You can create new user by "Add user" or click on Edit icon to edit a user's profile as follows :  ...
rating 02 Aug, 2011