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document License Details
License Terms Summary For full terms please see here. A license allows one application to be run on one domain name (sub-domains not included). Sub-folders are allowed on a single license.  For example and...
12 Jun, 2011
document Viewing Your Licenses
Overview You may view the details of your license in your client area on Products and Services To view any services you have purchased click the "My Orders" link in the menu. A list of all purchased services is shown.  To view more details click the view/download...
12 Jun, 2011
document Reissuing a License when you change Domain or Hosting server.
Reissuing a License When you change a licensed domain or if you want to change hosting of the domain which was licensed already you need to re-issue the license key. You can re-issue from your client area explain as follows : Ensure the domain name has been changed in the...
11 Mar, 2012
document License Troubleshooting
Overview If the Application software can not validate the license the following message may be displayed. There was a problem validating your software license. Verify your license code is in defaults.php Try reissueing your license. ...
12 Jun, 2011