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document Script installation guide and help tips.
The easiest way to install this application is to use the installation wizard after download the product from your Client Area. The install script is extremely simple. The only action required on your part is to click the next button when each step is completed and you will be...
rating 06 Jul, 2011
document Step By Step installation Guideline.
  First, you have to create your database to contain your website data. Before you start please Check : Hosting Server qualifies our System Requirement   PHP is installed on your server MySQL is installed on your server ionCube loader is installed or...
rating 07 Jul, 2011
document Installation - What are server requirements to run this application ?
The Application requires: Apache web server with mod_rewrite or Lighttpd MySQL database server, version 5.0 or later PHP version 5.2 or later In addition, the following PHP extension must be installed on your web server: gd: For geneating thumbnails json: For processing...
rating 14 Jun, 2011
document How to Upgrade the software Manually ?
STEP BY STEP GUILDLINE TO UPGRADE (BACKUP MUST). This article provides information for upgrading an existing instance which is currently running on your server. If you choose to upgrade yourself, please follow the instructions below and in the release notes for...
rating 06 Mar, 2013
document Why all of your applications are based on CMS (Content Management System ) ?
All of our applications are built based on CMS based architecture because it is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that enables web professionals and beginners to manage their own website design and web content development. The CMS based architecture makes managing a website...
rating 02 Jul, 2011
document Create Manage and Setup Access privilege
All of Eicra’s web application has built-in permission system which was based on ACL architecture, so you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. By using role, you can tune up how a register member can be privileged then normal user how administrator can enjoy...
rating 06 Jul, 2011
document Default location of Templates , JS , CSS and Images.
By Default the Core Files are located as : File Type File Locations Layout File /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/layout.phtml Default Image ...
rating 05 Apr, 2012
document The difference between Root /super user VS Admin user.
Super user (ROOT) VS Administrator The main difference between the different roles of users is based on what permissions that Admin or Root user has. The root account is a built-in account with administrative privileges in this applicaiton. An admin user is usually a different account...
rating 17 Jul, 2011
document Language architecture and it hierarchical overview
The language is determined from the user's preferences (his operating system language resp. the browser language) and he might be allowed to switch between the supported languages. Throughout this application, the language file types are mainly divided into three parts.  01....
rating 04 Aug, 2012