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Reissuing a License when you change Domain or Hosting server.

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2012
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Reissuing a License

When you change a licensed domain or if you want to change hosting of the domain which was licensed already you need to re-issue the license key. You can re-issue from your client area explain as follows :

  1. Ensure the domain name has been changed in the /application/configs file.  Open this file in a text editor and edit this setting:
    eicra.url = '';
  2. Login to your user area here:
  3. Click on the "My License" or "My Orders" menu on the top.
  4. Find your Active license(s) and click on right most icon that you wish to manage or reissue.
  5. Scroll down to the page and find and click on the "reissue" button which looks similar to this image:
  6. Once reissued simply access the administrator area on the new domain name and the license details will automatically be updated in your client area.
  7. Please proceed back to the "license error" page and re-fresh or retry again.
No Reissue Button
If a "Reissue" button is not present, then the license is already reissued and ready to be used and no further action needs to be taken.

The old domain, ip address, and path may still be visible after reissuing but will be replaced with the new domain after visiting the admin area of the new domain.

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