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document Installation - What are server requirements to run this application ?
The Application requires: Apache web server with mod_rewrite or Lighttpd MySQL database server, version 5.0 or later PHP version 5.2 or later In addition, the following PHP extension must be installed on your web server: gd: For geneating thumbnails json: For processing...
rating 14 Jun, 2011
document How to get quick support? Support is extremely robust. We allow both LIVE Chat support as well as support ticket system. You can open new support ticket for any kind assistance and response is guaranteed.
rating 05 May, 2011
document Do you ImageMagick ?
Yes, our application supports both of GD and imagemagick, gd was set by default.
rating 05 May, 2011
document Where do I download your product after purchase.
If you are installing Eicra's application for the first time or for a new installation you will need the full download. If performing an upgrade from a previous version you may download an incremental download. These downloads contain only the changed files from your version to the most...
rating 18 Jul, 2011
document What is phtml File Extension ?
.phtml File Extension A PHTML (or it's sometimes called a PHP) page is a Web page that includes a script written in PHP, a language comparable to JavaScript or Microsoft's VBScript. .phtml files contain raw html and php codes which make developer’s life easy to customize the script’s template...
rating 09 May, 2011
document Why a registered user fail to log in after successful registration.
There might be two reasons why system doesn't allow a user to login. There are:  01 - Admin has not yet approved the user to log in. 02 - Admin may suspended or block user to log in. You can manage user through "Admin => Users => Edit / Delete User"  and perform user...
rating 09 Aug, 2011
document How to change default Country and Currency ?
You can customize your setting through Admin => Site => Global Settings, you will get to the "Global settings" page. Global settings define a mechanism for storing configuration data used in the application settings architecture. Once you enter value to the Global settings...
rating 09 Aug, 2011
document liberty of shameless customization of Web Forms and fields
All forms are editable through INI files. By default, You will find en_US.xxxxx.ini (xxxxx representing correspondent module name) file located at application/modules/$ModuleName/forms/source/en_US.xxxxxxForm.ini  ($ModuleName represents your presently working module e.g hotel , property,...
rating 19 May, 2012