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document Managing Articles and Content pages.
This is one of most important modules, manage all articles of all users.  Log on to Admin => Content => View all Articles, click to see the list of most recently articles to view. The word article or content means, a text based information published to a web page where your visitor can...
rating 17 Aug, 2011
document Creating new content / articles page.
This is one of most important modules, manage all articles of all users. Log on to Admin => Content => Create a new Article click to start creating a new page.  Impotent : According to the image shown above, the text you write at "Page Title" creates a link therefore you may use...
rating 17 Aug, 2011
document How to link a Menu with a Content or Extension page ?
Click Write new article at Admin => Content => Create new article and add content as Name, Title, Slug (will be filled automatic in order Main title), Description and Content. After successfully creation of a new article, you probably be inclined to join this article with...
rating 18 Aug, 2011
document Manage and Update Contact us page
The Default contact us page is divided into two parts. There are : 01. Contact information in text mode. 02. Contact over feedback form. Let us explain how you can manage “Contact Us” page efficiently just by few clicks. Contact Us in Text mode : Sometime...
rating 18 Aug, 2011
document About Menu Group.
Introduction of Menu Group  The Standard Package comes with a homepage and few “inside” pages. For many small businesses, this may be enough. And you can always expand when you need more. Your website is built from the beginning on a platform that can scale to pretty much...
rating 25 Aug, 2011
document Sample Templates indicating the how design blocks are set.
Templates Blocks and Design introduction.  
rating 25 Aug, 2011
document Add, edit and delete Comments.
This section holds all the comments that the users have made on the articles, News articles and other modules, at the client interface. The client comments will not be visible in the comments section under the article the comments are made, at the client support interface, until a  user /...
rating 29 Aug, 2011
document Menu Group - For building easy Website navigation
Web Site Navigation - Using Menu Group Menu navigation group is the science and skill which you apply to a web site that helps visitors move from one page to another. In short Menu group is a collection of numbers of menus assembled together that helps visitors move from one page to another...
rating 02 Sep, 2011
document Customizing the position of Menu Group and it design layout.
Before customizing the Menu group and it’s design, please make sure you have read the what is menu group and how to create menu group in details. Assuming that, you are familiar with the concept of menu group. Create a Menu Group from Admin: For better understanding,...
rating 11 Sep, 2011
document Creating a Menu with Static external link by copying another link.
Basically, you are going to link your page's content or custom menu to a hyperlink which you already have in admin panel. In fact both links will point to same hyperlink but sometime you may find duplicate link very handy while you are designing a user friendly website for better visibility. ...
rating 14 Sep, 2011

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