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About Menu Group.

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Last updated: 25 Aug, 2011
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Introduction of Menu Group 

The Standard Package comes with a homepage and few “inside” pages. For many small businesses, this may be enough. And you can always expand when you need more. Your website is built from the beginning on a platform that can scale to pretty much whatever you could want to do in the future. If we imagine a basic website structure, more and less the layout would look like as follows :  

Horizontal Top Menu Group

Horizontal menus are generally considered both more attractive and more practical than vertical menus running down the side of the page. This menu is conveniently located at the top of all your pages, giving you a cleaner space to work with below and more room too. You can choose to link to anything on your site from this menu bar.
Drop-down Menus for Sub-pages :
Drop-down menus from the horizontal menu at the top of all your pages are not only attractive and sophisticated, they are very user-friendly. You can put as many “sub-menu” links in these menus as you like.

Vertical left Menu Group

This sample demonstrates a left-aligned cool looking vertical menu group with absolute position. Navigation Menu group location allows the creation of a menu of links to different Content pages.

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