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How to add a Custom Dynamic Web Form with a Menu

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Last updated: 06 Mar, 2012
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We assumed, you have already learned and created a dynamic web form using our Application. Now we will explain how you to join an existing web form(s) to a menu or sub-menu of fontend interface.   

Please make sure you have created a new menu before linking a dynamic web form. Logon to Admin=>Menu=>Manage Menu and find & edit the menu which you want to link with an existing web forms.  

This will appear the following interface to help you indicating which application to be set when a user client on this menu. click on “Select” button as shown below :

Select an existing form what you have created in prior. Web Forms are crated keeping relation with corresponding modules / component. Therefore find your from under the respective modules and click to select as shown below :

Now select a body content on the right identifying which forms to be added.

Here you will see the list of dynamic web forms available to you system. Now we would like to indicate a particular form which you want to link with. See the example shown below, how we indicate a “General Form” under Member Area:

Done! Now Save the menu and visit font-end to make sure your menu is pointing to a right web from.

Visit font-end to make sure your menu is pointing to a right web from.

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