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How to manage role base access control (User Role Manager)

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Last updated: 15 Sep, 2013
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The purpose of this article is to explain how we can control the access level of a user according to admin role policy. Here in this user role manager, we will help you to manage the access privilege for users groups.

(STEP-1 & STEP-2)
In this administrators control panel we can see (Admin => SETUP => User Role Manager) in the menu bar. Click the SETUP menu and then you can see there is a sub menu as a User Role Manager. Let’s take a look what we meant by access privilege:

Access Privilege

Access privilege is a privilege where you can get a scope to control your options for your users. In this access privilege there are two options as follows:

1. Hardcore privilege
2. Policy privilege


We will like to inform you that this form is important for users. If any user want to be a registered user than he or she have to go through the form first and then they will have a proper register ID & PASSWORD to access under certain groups. No one can proceed further if the users don’t have register ID & PASSWORD. And this privilege depends on admin group whether they will keep the form or not.

User Group

As you can see in (scene2) there are some user groups like Super Admin, Administrator and Manager Etc. The entire user group have module in common, but the module functions are different in user groups. This functions accessibility system depends on admin only because they can decide what type of privilege they want to give to their different users.

Hardcore privilege

The wheel sign is known as hardcore privilege. Under hardcore privilege, where you have to be registered through below forms. Say for example, if you are registered under the manager group than you will get the privilege to have the opportunity as other mangers getting the opportunity in the same role. If you click and save any options under the hardcore privilege than that option will be applicable for other managers those who are under this member form. Please follow (scene 3).

Policy privilege

The pencil sign is known as policy privilege. Under role management policy privilege there are some groups where the members have to be registered through the registration forms. In the policy privilege system if you allow or disallow the option under this group and save it henceforward this option will be applicable only for those members who are under this register form. Please follow (scene 4)..

As a whole, we learned about access privilege and what benefit and proportion you can get under this software system. How can you change up and save your user settings for registered members under modules and groups. Hope this article will be helpful and enjoyable for you.

Thank you.
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