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document What is Website template
A Web template system describes the software and methodologies used to produce web pages and for deployment on websites and delivery over the Internet.[citation needed] Such systems process web templates, using a template engine. It is a web publishing tool present in content management systems,...
rating 07 Jul, 2011
document Introduction of Modules Architecture.
 When the application becomes bigger and bigger the controller, models and views/scripts directories contain more and more files. That’s a bit odd, because it becomes difficult to maintain, and than the modules come in hand. As our application is based on Zend App there are tons of articles...
rating 09 Jul, 2011
document The core Architecture overview/Directories
 As normal Zend Framework project, our application contains an application folder and a library folder. The library folder contains the generic scripts: the Zend Framework library, and the application library. this is the recommended place for all libraries. The application folder...
rating 18 Jul, 2011
document Architecture overview/Modules folder
All of Eicra's applications are divided into modules. A module is a group of high level features (ex : managing users profile) that in fact needs several controllers, models, and views. so each module encapsulate his own folder tree composed by the same folders than the application folder except...
rating 27 Jul, 2011
document Architecture overview/Configuration files
Inside the config folder you will find several .ini and .xml files In order to keep your config files clear and easy to read you should use multiple files. each file found in the application/config/ folder is loaded, so you can split your configuration. By default there is an...
rating 18 Jul, 2011