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User Management & Administration

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Last updated: 02 Aug, 2011
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It's a simplified form of viewing user’s profile where a user can view or modify his/her data in added. Visit Admin => Users => to see the list of users registered.  You can create new user by "Add user" or click on Edit icon to edit a user's profile as follows : 

Search a user: 

To find a use, please click “Search User” icon link on the top and it will bring a panel to facilitate search panel.

Add User :

This option is to facilitate administrator to add new user without going through registration and approval process. You can manually add new user from Home –> Users –> Add User page. Please note, you must select a user’s group to indicate that, under which group this user will be privileged to, because group are managed by roll permission.

Creating a new User Group policies :

Login to Admin => User => New Group policy  to create a new user group.  You may see the field called "Register through" that means, you are pointing a particular dynamic web form through which all members under the creating group's users will be registered. See the picture below : 

Locking a Group:

Please note that, when you lock a user group means belonging group’s member can’t edit / reset the permission setting in future.

Set permission:

You can set or managed permission going to Admin -> Setup –>   User Role Manager –> Permission  location.

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User Management basic and user registration.     Customize the basic configuration though Global Setting.