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Default location of Templates , JS , CSS and Images.

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2012
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By Default the Core Files are located as :

File Type File Locations
Layout File /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/layout.phtml
Default Image /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/images/
Block Files /<$ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/blocks/
Layout CSS /<$ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/css/
Layout JS  /<$ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/js/
Config /<$ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/config/config.xml

NB :  $ServerPath represents your home directory when the application is installed. 
        $TemplatePath represents the present default templates directory that is set in admin area. See below image. 

Setting Default Templates 

The below image indicates which template you are presently running for public viewing. Please note that, all template is located at  :   /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/  (when $TemplatePath is whatever template you will have). You can edit existing / default template file as well as develop a custom template by create another directory following the layout guideline.

This application uses XML files to configure the layout of page. In this post, I will show you how to configure layout for a page manually. In default template, we created XML files which configure layout of all front-end pages which is located at /<$ServerPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$TemplatePath>/config/config.xml

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