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The difference between Root /super user VS Admin user.

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Last updated: 17 Jul, 2011
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Super user (ROOT) VS Administrator

The main difference between the different roles of users is based on what permissions that Admin or Root user has. The root account is a built-in account with administrative privileges in this applicaiton. An admin user is usually a different account with priviledges to do certain administrative tasks. Admin account is an account with escalated privileges compared to a normal user account.  root is the super user for the system, meaning that it has unlimited access to the files. 

The root user has following additional privilege over an admin role:

=> To create multiple Administrator of an application and manage them. 

=> Facilitate admin or lower level users to allow adding or managing permissions to various modules. 

=> None but ROOT user has access to "ADMIN => Setup => Privilege Manager" Section.

=> Root user can restrict and manage admin users access and their privileges. 

=> Only ROOT user can define (allow / disallow) the scope of permission node all modules that needed.

=> Reset and overwrite all global and security setting.

See the picture below where root has access to :



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