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How to Install / configure ionCube loader

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Last updated: 28 Apr, 2011
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Installing ionCube loader


ionCube Loader must be installed to run Eicra's product. On many web servers the Loader can be enabled automatically with no changes to the php.ini file and no server restart required. If your server does not support ionCube please relex !, you are just a sort of email away to your hosting provider to configure ionCube for you.


If your server does not have ionCube support already enabled, you can obtain Loaders for your server platform from here. Instructions for installing Loaders can be found here.

You can also you can run the ioncube helper file distributed with Run your browser to

If you install IonCube loader in the php.ini file you can check if loader installed in phpinfo.

Please see this article for how to create the phpinfo file. If the loader installed correctly you should see it in the Additional Modules section in phpinfo.


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