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Web Site Navigation - Using Menu Group

Menu navigation group is the science and skill which you apply to a web site that helps visitors move from one page to another. In short Menu group is a collection of numbers of menus assembled together that helps visitors move from one page to another through a synchronized line bar like below :  

Navigation on a web site is achieved by a collection of links (text/images/flash/java applets) that form the Web Site Navigation Menu Group. This navigation menu  or bar is usually placed vertically on the left or horizontally near the top of the web page - check the images below.

A Vertical Menu Group navigation system

The image on the left shows a very common layout of web sites. The header section (in orange) carries the logo, ideally on the left, and might have other images and/or text. The navigation menu is placed in the green section. It might not span the entire height of the page and can have other web page elements or simply blank space below it. The main web page contents (text and images) are situated in the light grey area.


A Horizontal Menu Group navigation bar

The web site navigation bar can also be placed horizontally right below the header section of a web page as depicted in green color in the adjacent image. The main contents of the web page are located in the light grey area. The only disadvantage of this web page layout is that the text spans the entire width of the page. This makes it difficult to read as studies have shown that online surfers find it hard to read web page text which spans more than 600 pixels. This problem can easily be overcome by limiting the width of the text display area so that it's lesser than 600 pixels. To fill the blank space created on the left and the right of the text, one can use images or other design elements.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Menu Group navigation systems  

The third common web site navigation menu layout is shown in the adjacent image. Here the navigation system exists both as a horizontal bar right below the header and also on the left. This is generally used for sites (such as this one), in which there are several pages (and hence, several links).

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