What is phtml File Extension ?

.phtml File Extension

A PHTML (or it's sometimes called a PHP) page is a Web page that includes a script written in PHP, a language comparable to JavaScript or Microsoft's VBScript. .phtml files contain raw html and php codes which make developer’s life easy to customize the script’s template according the choices. The prime and fundamental goal of introducing .PHTML file extension is to offer infinitive control of customizing website’s theme, block, layout and template as you desired to have.

In our software, we used . phtml File Extension to allow freedom of customizing the design layout, theme, blocks and template as you wish. It's an alternative file extension for a PHP generated page. It could contain HTML or XHTML; it depends on what the PHP has generated. Web page that contains PHP code; parsed by a PHP engine on the Web server, which dynamically generates HTML; often used for database access, such as retrieving data from a MySQL database; can be run using Apache or Windows Server with the PHP engine installed.

PHP pages typically use the .PHP file extension which contains core Business logic.

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