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Why all of your applications are based on CMS (Content Management System ) ?

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Last updated: 02 Jul, 2011
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All of our applications are built based on CMS based architecture because it is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that enables web professionals and beginners to manage their own website design and web content development.

The CMS based architecture makes managing a website simple.Customise your CMS website with multiple smart modules and experience the user friendly design.

Suitable for all business types small business to international corporate enterprises, our applications are an out of the box, yet fully customisable website management software solution.

Be More Efficient :

Build a database driven website with a few “viewer” pages rather than hundreds of static pages. CMS Builder’s code generator creates simple “cut and paste” code. Just paste it into your pages when you first build a site and you’re done.

Hire Us to Set Up Your CMS :

We’re experts at content management solutions. If you’re a web developer you can hire us to integrate our content management tools into your client’s website. We work completely behind the scenes. We do all the work, you take all the credit.

Enhance with Plugins :

Plugins allow you to extend and enhance CMS Builder. You can buy a plugin once and use it on all your CMS Builder sites, additional licenses aren’t required for multiple sites.

Make Money Selling CMS Builder :

The best way to sell CMS Builder to your client (and win that project) is to have a web page on your website that specifically speaks to them. Use this free marketing copy to introduce your website visitors to CMS Builder.

Website management based on simplicity:

The application puts the website editing power into your hands without the need for HTML knowledge. By using our software you can:

  • Select your own website design
  • Manage your own website
  • Provide a consistent look-and-feel across your website design
  • Upload and store your images in 1 location without the need for an FTP Server
  • Update your documents and downloadable attachments in 1 easy location
  • Customized the template, JavaScript , CSS and admin theme dynamically from admin control panel.

Our Basic CMS based technologies has provides a Windows-Explorer style interface that enables you, the web manager, to:

  • Easily update text and images
  • Create unlimited website pages
  • Upload attachments and files for your web users to download
  • Control web administrators rights
  • Create and publish News Articles

Curious to see how you can manage your own website? Feel free to Contact with us and we can discuss your web project ideas over the phone or meet in person, obligation-free

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