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Making a listing as featured and un-publish it as draft.

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Last updated: 03 Oct, 2012
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This tutorial illustrates how can we turn a listing as “Featured Listing” to draw higher attention of visitor or sometimes we may need to un-publish a listing to stop visibility temporarily.  We can do both easily through the Administration Panel in back-end. All you need is to log on to Admin => Module => $YourModule (f.e property, hotel, autos, tours etc) => Manage Listing page where you will find the list of available listings you added so far. 

Here is how you can set a listing as feature or un-publish as you need. The following images indicates how exactly we set the changes for property  as featured or un-publishes :

Example of navigating a property listing ( Click to Enlarge ) Indicates exactly where to change ( Click to Enlarge )

Not clear? Please click here to view our video tutorial 

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