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How to manage or customize Footer part?

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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2013
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One or more lines of text that appears at the bottom of every page of a document are known as footer. The footer is also treated as its own section of the web page, separate from the header, content, and sidebars. Footer is important for two reasons one, it displays potential technical information for users and secondly this can be accomplished with advertisements, design, images and media. In STEP-1 you can see there are advertisement, social media, important links and copyrights on the frontend footer part.

The Footer typically contains:
1. Copyright information
2. Sitemap
3. Contact information
4. Back to top links
5. By-line or authorship information
6. Related documents
7. CSS / JS

Please follow STEP-1 & STEP-2

Here in STEP-3, STEP-4, STEP-5 & STEP-6 you can find the location of the footer.  You can see the starting point and the ending point of the footer. In between this starting point and ending point you can see there are some codes. This code relates to footer and the content of the footer like advertisements, links and social media. From this location you can manage or edit the footer.

Please follow STEP-3, STEP-4, STEP-5 & STEP-6

Now we will define you that what is advertising, social media and links in the footer part and how you can manage or edit them.

How to change footer advertising?

advertising is mass media content intended to persuade audience of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on products and services. It is also known as a form of communication to promote a product and service. If you want to edit any of your advertisement then you have to login to admin panel and there you can see Ads /Commercials Management. This process is same for all types of advertisement on footer part in your system just ID and code will be changed for different products. Please follow STEP-7, STEP-8, STEP-9 & STEP-10

How to change social media on footer part?

social media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-base input and interaction. Here are some prominent examples of social media you can see in the footer part like; Face book, Twitter, Wikipedia and etc. If you want to edit any of the social media than you have to edit the code. Please follow STEP-11 & STEP-12.

How to manage important links and copyrights on footer part?

link allows the reader of a document to follow them to another document and jump from one page to another page without having any sorts of interruptions again and again. In STEP-13, STEP-14 & STEP-15 you can see that there are Links, this links come from language files.

How to change copyrights and footer menu language?

If you want edit or change any of your menu names from link than you have to edit it from language file. Please follow STEP-16, STEP-17 & STEP-18.

Apart from all discussions, we Eicra software limited wants our client to be user friendly with the software system so this is the article about footer part and how you can customize or mange your footer part according to your choice. Hope you enjoyed the article. Thank you.

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