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Acknowledge of designing different templates blocks

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Last updated: 16 Sep, 2013
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What is Block?

A block is a group of characters, code or data that you can mark to perform some action altogether with it. Therefore a block can maintain a set of data that it can be use to impact its behavior when executed. All different types of blocks make a website home page and there might be some other different sorts of blocks in the inner home page. Blocks can be used to compose function expression also.

What is Designing Block?

The designing block focuses on design, development and implementation of information systems. This block consists of one or more declarations and statements. Here in step-1, you can see its written Top Menu Block on header, this box indicates a design block. Another design block you can see at you left side where it’s written Quick Navigation that is known as Left Menu Block. Please follow STEP-1.

Here in this STEP-2 we will explain you about some other blocks which might be helpful for your understanding. For example you can see below of this STEP-2 there are some blocks like Member Login, Email Newsletter Block and Latest News Block.

Member Login Block:

In this following block you can create your new membership status if you are not still a member. This block let you to login if you are a member and explore this current site.

Email Newsletter Block:

This following block describes the method of sending mail out to subscribers typically on a regular interval. Here you have to type your user name and email address to subscribe in this block.

Latest News Block:

Here in this following block you can get latest news of the site which helps y to update you more. It displays a list of new items in the Latest News Block with time and date. Please follow STEP-2

Now we will like to explain you that how you can manage your blocks. All your blocks are placed under this Location Path: /<$ ServerPath> /application/layouts/scripts/<$ TemplatePath>/blocks/. If you follow this location you can easily access your block location wherever you want to. Please follow STEP-3.

Now we will like to define you about Layout and how you can edit your block layout. A Layout is an arrangement, plan or design that is placed on a page. The placement of the plan or design is defined in a template that is specified as a part of the layout configuration. All your Block Path to your Layout will be under this template path. Please follow the Location Path: /<$ SeverPath>/application/layouts/scripts/<$ TemplatePath>/layout.phtml .If you want to edit any of your settings than you have to Edit with Notepad or Dreamweaver. Please follow STEP-4.

Now in this step we will like to inform you that how you can change to New Block Code. Previously we already discussed that what is the procedure to manage your Blocks and where you can find your Blocks. But now here you can totally change the Block or if you want to change your existing Block with a new block or you can remove it totally. If you want to have the changes than you have to remove the code and after removing the code of this blue bold line than you can add New Block. Other block code are same just you have to Change the Code like this partial(‘blocks/$BLOCK _NAME’);?> . Please follow STEP-5.

× Info! You are requested to have minimum skill of web development to access this procedure forward.

Apart from all this discussions we have got a responsive idea about Blocks, how to change the Block in your layout, where you can find your blocks and minimum what requirement you need to proceed forward if you want to edit your Block. Hopefully this illustration will be useful for you. Thank you.

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